About us

We put our name
behind our business

Leonardi General Contractors Inc. is a family-owned & operated construction company with over 4 decades of experience. Serving as General Contractors & Construction Managers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our experience has led us to the completion of a broad variety of commercial, industrial & residential construction projects. We have many satisfied clients whom return with new projects and provide confident referrals.

Our long standing relationships with clients, subcontractors and consultants are testament to our commitment to people; quality service.

EXPERIENCE knowledge

We leverage the experience and knowledge of our team to deliver projects that are on time and within budget, always going beyond client expectations. Our belief is that exceptional service does not have to be costly. Our proficiency and modern efficient processes allow us to provide very competitive pricing. Armed with a strong background in architectural technology and design along with our passion for building, we are an invaluable resource for you or your organization.

Another LCL trait we diligently maintain is client receptiveness, ensuring the client is always in the know. With our high expectation for quality and commitment, we cultivate a positive atmosphere of teamwork for all.

This is Leonardi General Contractors Inc.’s formula for success and growth.

Our Philosophy

  • Develop solid, ongoing relationships based on trust, honesty and comprehensive communications

  • Provide attentive client service and project management through careful organization and coordination

  • Maintain internal policies and efficiencies that directly benefit our clients in the form of cost savings

  • Inform the client of project progress, reporting in a timely manner

  • Sustain the client’s vision without compromise, devoid of stress and worry

  • As Partners of the IDC, we take design seriously

We provide innovative solutions with exceptional results. We stand behind our name.

our product

We believe the success of any project is contingent upon the capabilities of the contractor carrying out the work. In addition to internal efficiencies and policies at Leonardi General Contractors Inc., the company ensures communication and collaboration is maintained between client, architect/ designers, subcontractors and vendors in order to effectively manage projects throughout all phases of construction.

This 'relationship' management model is signature to our accomplishments which inevitably imparts cost savings. With our name behind our projects - we ensure our project teams are compatible and capable in providing for the clients needs. Our company principals constantly monitor every project - ensuring quality is maintained. Leonardi General Contractors Inc. passionately builds with integrity and efficiency with exceptional results.

our process

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Leonardi General Contractors Inc. employs a working methodology that draws on years of experience and expertise. We utilize the most modern and effective tools to facilitate the construction process and keep our clients informed. The client always has access to information they need at any given time throughout the project. Delivery of a successful project of any scope consists of clear communications, sharing a common vision and providing constant project monitoring to reevaluate goals. On top of these methods, Leonardi General Contractors Inc. is committed to making safety a priority.

We make an injury and accident free workplace part of our directive.



Our goal is to understand our clients needs so we can deliver the services they require to reach their goals. Utilizing our construction expertise, we ensure careful attention to each detail of the project, from conception to completion.

We may work with a client in whatever way servers them best. Leonardi General Contractors Inc. provides various construction services for project of any scope and complexity.






Partner with our team early in project development with our preconstruction services. This often overlooked phase in the construction process can maximize savings and control spending. Identifying costly hazards at a projects inception can save a load of aggravation. At this time, it is also advantageous to consider potential maintenance costs of a building or lease space. Leonardi General Contractors Inc. excels at providing comprehensive and easy to understand information to the client to assist in making critical decisions to maintain project goals and eliminate the guesswork.

Services Include: Preliminary construction budgeting Preliminary construction scheduling Lease analysis / feasibility analysis Selection of architectural and engineering consultants Value engineering LEED considerations and strategies.


This contractual arrangement consists of a fixed construction price where Leonardi General Contractors Inc. works from complete drawings and specifications as provided by the client’s Architect and related professionals. We would utilize our pre-qualified labour force and sub-contractors to obtain competitive pricing and ensure quality of product with fast completion. We will provide you a competitive and comprehensive price and deliver your project by demanding skill, teamwork and responsibility throughout the building process. You’ve spent much time and effort designing your project and defining your vision. Trust Leonardi General Contractors Inc. to construct your vision both economically and efficiently.


Customer satisfaction is our main priority, that’s why our Principals are personally involved in every project we undertake. This approach ensures the attention to detail and smooth continuity of a project that is associated with our name. Working as the client’s representative, Leonardi General Contractors Inc. takes ownership of the project while ensuring the client is always informed. Responsibilities typically include choosing professional consultants (architects, engineers), coordinating design, instituting and monitoring budgets and schedules. The manager is also responsible for controlling site office, supervision, safety, documenting activity through to close-out. In a position of CM, the manager holds a more focused role of facilitating construction based on final drawings and schedules at hand - sub-contracts may be the sole responsibility of the CM. You can rest assured that you construction management plan will be diligently managed and updated throughout it’s progress - any concerns you may have will be promptly addressed.